Hi, I´m Felix and I´m 29 years old.

Currently I am a PhD student at the University of Regensburg pursuing a Phd in Biology, working on gene regulatory networks in archaea.

I obtained my BSc and MSc in Biology from the University of Regensburg. During my master thesis, dealing with protein-protein interactions, I tried to improve both my molecular and bioinformatical skills.

During my course of studies I became interested in bioinformatics and finished an extracurricular IT training offered by the University (bash scripting, C++, Python). At the end of last year, working on genomics in archaea, I switched from using my basic-level skills in Python to R. During the ongoing project I forced myself to write reproducible scripts with packages from the tidy data universe and learn how to build interactive (and pretty) web apps with Shiny R.

I´m very easily bored, so my interests are broad. Sports, HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT for fun (look at this blog...), photography (all pictures on the blog by myself), etc.

I´m excited about running my first marathon in Berlin this year.