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How I start a bioinformatics project

or: Where are my files???

I started analyzing sequencing data just over one year ago. In the beginning it was so exciting to finally receive the first reads, do some quality checks and start further analysis, that I didn´t think about reproducibility. I ended up with multiple distinct versions of mapped reads, adapter/quality trimmed reads... [Read More]
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Animated bar graphs in R

How a simple animation can (maybe) contribute to a better understanding of data

Last week I saw this post on Twitter where Adam Spannbauer visualized an animated ‘growing’ bar graph in R. Pretty impressive! Is an animated graph contributing to a better understanding? From the comments and a related second post it became clear, that this animation was visually appealing, but in no... [Read More]
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from bench to bioinformatics | from bench to bioinformatics |

The joy of spreadsheets

Visualization of movie data in R

To get straight to the point: This post is about data manipulation and visualization in R. Obviously, that is something completely different from my first post and with more content coming up, I have to think about giving the blog a clearer structure 🤔 But for now, it should be... [Read More]
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